Artiste visuel

Omar a reçu une aide à la création

What is your artistic background?

I am what I would like to call myself as a " Visual Artist “which is meant for me the ability to be free and responsible to create my artistic product through all the domains of art I went through. My Education was by graduating from the faculty of fine arts at Damascus University in 2002. Department of sculpture. After that, I went through many artistic experiences and projects with sculpture, painting, graphic and interior design, photography and Arabic calligraphy. Nowadays I work to join my artistic experiences to go farther with my artistic project which is joined mixed media / especially sculpture, painting, and calligraphy / to experience myself as well and create my own personality through my pieces of art which can show high quality, values and unique still of work. at less this is my dream goal that I work hard to reach it.
I teach Arabic calligraphy at Sciences-Po school in the city of Reims. to share my background cultural experiences with my students and people who could be interest of the Rich scene of the Arabic world.


What is your view of your profession today?
My profession today is going slowly to improving it because of the many difficulties which are may sum up with the ability to find the right financial support to find the time to develop my new research and experience that I am currently working on with. However, I continue my artistic production and participate in many exhibitions and workshops as I did later in the 2nd of November, for example, where I recently finished a painting of a size 5X5 m in the Musée de l'Histoire de l'Immigration with 5 other artists from different countries under the organizing of the Atelier des Artistes en Exil. But I am still happy that through all, the way of thinking of the work experience, the way that I chose to myself is still moving forward and farther, and day by day I feel myself more close to what I want to experience and offer it to myself, and maybe to achieve with the impact of my work that can give to others something of human and cognitive value.


How do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years?
I see myself as an independent artist able to live from his artistic work and give it all the time and the study that it needs to improve it and spread it more to make it able to carry the message and the value that I want to share with people and make the change that I am looking forward to it in my life and people around me. I am deeply passionate about what I am doing and would like to keep this passion up to reach the goals I am looking for.


Photographie : Céline Anaya Gautier