Janet a reçu une bourse pour participer à la manifestation CAMPING organisée par le Centre national de la danse

What is your artistic background ?
I started to dance when I was 4 years old in the folkloric groups of my village, from that moment I knew that dance was going to take an important place in my life. At eighteen years old I decided to move to Madrid to start my studies of contemporary dance and to train as a dancer in different schools like Carmen Senra and the Professional Dance Conservatory. A year later I join the company Provisional Dance which gave me the opportunity to travel and enter fully into the professional world. In 2008 I leave the company Provisional Dance and from that moment begins my career as a freelance collaborating as an interpreter with different artists and  national and international companies. At the same time, I began to develop my own work, opening a new path in the dance scene and allowing me to continue investigating in my needs and interests as an artist.

What is your view on your profession today?
I believe that in the country in which I live, art is not accepted as a necessity but as an entertainment. From this point I am in a constant struggle to recognize dance as a place of thought necessary for this society.

How do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years ?
Honestly, I'm not interested to think about how I look myself in five or ten years, I'm more interested to think where the dance scene will be at that moment. My wish is that I hope this artistic discipline in a few years can be part of the educational system of my country and in this way to build a more sensitive society that respond the basic needs of the human being. If we don´t know our bodies and his behaviors, it will be difficult to understand the world around us.

Photographie : Céline Anaya Gautier