Club de gymnastique

Le club de gymnastique "El Pastoret" a reçu une aide financière afin d'acheter du nouveau matériel pour aider les jeunes à s'entrainer dans des meilleures conditions

Interview du coach : Octavio Fuentes Socorro

What are the athlelic abilities of the young people?
Our gymnasts are very strong, flexible and very dedicated in their sporting life. Their motivation is very high because all of them are very young and dedicate many hours a week to their trainings, combining them with their studies. All of them have a great spirit of sacrifice and enjoy a lot the hours they stay in the gym.


What is your view on your profession today?

Artistic Gymnastics is a very beautiful sport, and for me, one of the most complete, because a gymnast needs not only the physical abilities to do all the acrobatics and the artistic part of the exercises, but a very strong mental control for competition and also a good and quick sense of reaction. Women must domine four events (vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise) and men six (floor, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar).
That is why gymnastics is so complete, because they have to know how to do acrobatics jumping on the floor, standing on a beam or hanging on a high bar, doing different kind of movements and elements in each apparatus. Artistic gymnastics is a sport that is continuously changing, due to the changes in the rules (each Olympic cycle, there is a review of the code of points of the International Gymnastics Federation). Il means that trainers and gymnasts must adapt their trainings to the new rules, each four years, and it is sometimes difficult for them. This sport is also very fascinating because gymnasts have to change the elements included in their exercises to increase their difficulty values.

One of the most important thing, for me, about Gymnastics is that nowadays it is not only a sport for very young athletes, as it used to be several years ago. The average age of the gymnasts is older than previously and you can see many gymnasts that are more than 20-30 years, and that's a very good thing for the sport. You can see, in the Olympics, women who are more than 30 years old. Gymnastics is used in many training methods for people who want to increase and improve their physical condition and many adult people start training at a very advanced age. People who practice and compete in Artistic Gymnastics must feel passion for this sport because it requires a lot of hours of training. Personaly, I have grown in a family that felt this passion intensively, with a parent who was my coach and siblings that were also gymnasts. Our passion for gymnastics came from our family, we are still feeling this passion and hope to feel it our entire life.

How do you see the club and the young people in 5 years? In 10 years?
Well, our club has suffered a great change in the last few years due to the important help of POROSUS. These are the first years in which we only depend on ourselves to do our activity in our own gym and with similar apparatus to those that we find in the competitions. Nowadays we are adapting our organization to the new way of training with more gymnasts, more coaches and more hours of training, taking into account that we have increased not only the number of gymnasts competing but also the quality of them, having more gymnasts prepared for the levels of Via Olimpica.
In the future I see our club with a great number of gymnasts competing with a good quality in national championships and why not, in international ones too. And in the following 10 years I would like to see our gymnasts being part of the Spanish Team.


Photographie : Céline Anaya Gautier